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TeMeFI – Too Much F****** Information v1.1.18
Requirements: Android 4.4+, Root not required although recommended
Overview: Comprehensive root/unroot toolkit. Get system information, configuration, manage and control apps, detach from Play Store etc.

This app provides/returns a bucket load of information regarding your device and the currently running ROM, and much, much more. And hence the name “TeMeFI”; as its Too Much F????? Information. The F stands for whatever your comfortable with.;)

TeMeFI v1.1.18
MD5: 4B5BCD2219C53A4621011A6C392B800D

Simply download the APK and install as normal, and allow root when asked, and grant storage permissions. I *think* the very first time you run it, there possibly may be an issue with the menu. Simply stop and restart the app.

You can use it without root, but you will be HEAVILY limited in what you can do. Also, installing busybox opens another menu for you, and so does Magisk (17.*+). SQLite3 is also a HUGE feature adder (ie if you have it, it enables many many methods). Can be installed via Magisk if your ROM does not have it by default.

If you are unrooted, have a read of the following :

What’s New:
New Version v1.1.18

New Items. within the menu at “TeMeFI Configuration>New Menu Items”
No distinctly new items

Updated Items. within the menu at “TeMeFI Configuration>Latest Updated Menu Items”
* Changed menu to show action/doing/executable stages in bold, while Menu and intermediate steps in Normal text. Its subtle, but still visible. See the image below.​
* Added the APK Badging information to the two TriChrome duplicate reports. As an extra colunn to the textural/table report, and as pop-up text when you click the hotspot in the graphical report. The hotspot is the leading text of each line in the graph.​
badgng_table.png Screenshot_20220626-154922.png​
* Added a new “Charge Summaries” section to the Battery History graph. Its really good to give you an average of charge and/or discharge rates between two stages/states/events in your battery’s daily life. I use to try and eyeball it, but now the numbers show just how bad at it I was. The _id columns is TeMeFI’s own internal reference number. The “Row” is the row it is extrapolated from, from the battery Stats report; ie the source of the calcs/report.In the following, I did some funky things, which may be hard to understand at first, but it makes sense when I go through it. Like I commonly plugged the charger in, while the phone was off, OR I plugged it in while off, and restarted before I disconnected the charger.​
* Made the waiting image size to NOT require a TeMeFI restart to be enabled/visible.​
* Changed / removed the duplication in the Battery history Extras menu path​

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