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Healslut v0.76c [18+]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: Upon taking up the opportunity to join the brand-spanking-new expansion to the super-popular MMORPG Powerful Order Online

Upon taking up the opportunity to join the brand-spanking-new expansion to the super-popular MMORPG Powerful Order Online as a beta-tester, you find yourself locked into the very odd (and apparently exclusive?) class of Healslut. Just how will you handle the power… and consequences?‚Äč

What’s New:
Harmony sexytimes scenes after meeting with the Goblins are completed
Three new Sparkle variations now available in Act 18 (dumbo bimbo, shebeast hulk, and adorable femboy)
New possible encounter with Tonii in town in Act 8 (Tonii to reappear later just like Fwawr)
Can now bang Manster for intel in Act 8 (animated OMGAGS!) [requires at least 1 previous oral act]
New possible encounter with Goofyknee (and possibly tentacles) in Act 9 (with metal music) [requires Lel being Sparkle’s manager and failing to smuggle the fish]
New option to settle the “dock fee” in Porttown (Panki-centric)
Maybe there’s some new route to start getting through to Roopah
New option of first person narration (“I did this, I did that”) in addition to second and third person
Dozens of character sprites rerendered to fix blur/lighting issues
Normalized “emotive” sprites across most characters [rest in process]
Fixed issue with added ambient channel looping/not looping
Switching body type or variation is locked until those are available in the story (to prevent all the broken image stuff – changes will be allowed from the very start in a future update)
Fixed a big bug with getting Lel back – several scenes referenced the wrong variable which lead to incorrect dialog and choices
Fixed another big bug with a lot of scenes not taking into account the possibility that Leigh had Lel sold
Sparkle now has a choice to be “reluctant” when agreeing to free use — an “I don’t like it (but I like it)” option — as well as when Roopah makes that decision and being reluctant will have an impact on Sparkle’s attitude and how the others treat her
Made it easier to pass the later ‘exhibitionism’ checks too since the only way to do it before was if Sparkle has the Naked Knowledge passive and that seemed too restrictive
When Lel is dead, Sparkle is dressed as the looter and is healing Rudedood expection error fixed
Getting bummed by Roopah on the boat now counts towards your sexytimes scores and ditto with the next scene with Panki + Lel
If Lel buys you, your “ownership” status now changes
If you turn down the mushroom quest, when the server is down for maintenance, it no longer says that you must find it
Help menu overlapping text issues fixed
Gab’s mentions to the changes in Leigh now are route-specific
Game now has proper credits option on main menu
Bug fixed where looter Sparkle would not return to the looter uniform after being ‘zapped away’ by Gab
Bug fixed so that ownership status actually changes if Lel or the group owns Sparkle
New options for Lel ownership of Sparkle regardless of how Lel was treated or if Sparkle is in a relationship with her and/or Panki
Now if Kursven bids in the auction she puts in money for the group to own Sparkle [after which Sparkle is owned by the group]
Extended the interactions with Butterslap and registering Sparkle up to the point of official collaring (which then abruptly ends, sorry!)
Window shopping with Roopah is now available [requires bimbo Sparkle]
Rewarding Wejit (again) in a back alley (with a voyeur) is now available [requires previous rewarding]
Sparkle can now take the transformation potion from Lel before going to get registered regardless of body type
Sparkle [except for bimbo] can now either sign the servitude contract or refuse to sign (which may cause Lel to treat Sparkle less favorably)
A lot of dialog has been updated to account for Lel owning Sparkle while Sparkle is in a relationship with her (+/- Panki) [“cute” ownership]
Will now be jailed (and possibly tentacled) if you fail to smuggle the fish while with Lel regardless of sharing her duties or being responsible for her
Missing dialog between Sparkle and Wejit discussing Sparkle’s ownership has been included now
Fixed incorrect dialog being shown when Sparkle is commenting on her “two girlfriends”
Corrected variables when “satisfying” Tavernkeep
Ooyum will now appear in the party on the status sheet if she is in the group
Incorrectly blocked dialog between Kayden and Sparkle before the bandit massacre has been opened up
Backing out of freeuse duties no longer sets Sparkle to a reluctant performer
Some first-person narration perspective issues corrected
Skipping code updated:

being jailed by Lel’s actions now has proper variables attached
accounts for the different options and outcomes with Rudedood
bunking with Kayden on night 1 now gives appropriate +1 to Leigh as well
Jane staying the night gives the appropriate +1 like
Can’t have Wejit defend if Sparkle didn’t buy the armaments
Incorrect blocking of Lel “dead” outcome is fixed
Can’t have Kayden or Panki retrieve the mushroom is Lel is not there
Sparkle’s “looter attitude” can now be chosen
Getting the vial from Swollwang no longer automatically passes the fish smuggling sidequest
Healing Rudedood now sets the correct variables
“Satisfying” the Tavernkeep now sets the correct variables
“Rewarding” Wejit now sets the correct variables
Can no longer start Act 6 in the incorrect body type
Now properly able to select “reluctant” when agreeing to freeuse duties

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