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ONEGram v8.4.2-211231 (Premium)(Mod Extra)(Lite)
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: ONEGram is a third-party Telegram client with not many but useful modifications.

ONEGram is a third-party Telegram client with not many but useful modifications.

Use your avatar as the background of the menu header, use system fonts or custom emojis, let the status bar be transparent, hide the phone number …

Set the size of the stickers: bigger or smaller, allow folders to be shown when forwarding, pause the video automatically when the application is changed or the device is locked …

Translate messages and articles, with 5 translation engines to choose from. Press and hold TRANSLATE to change the language you want to translate the text into.

The above is just a small part of the functions, for more functions, please download and check it out.

* For 4€ ($4.5), you can enjoy forever:
– Secret Mode (you can enter chats without them knowing that you have read the message, even if you write they will still not know that you have read it but it will appear that you are writing, you will not go online until after writing)
– Play videos only by clicking the volume keys
– Allow secret chat option
– See the content of channels / groups restricted by content not covered by Google
– Change the app icon
* The premium is activated under the Telegram user account ID number when the payment is processed, the application once it is executed verifies whether or not it is a premium user, please once the payment has been made and the message has been received. been added to the premium mode, restart the ONEGram client completely. If you have several devices with the same account and with our ONEGram client, you will enjoy premium mode in all of them.

Source code bases:
– DrKLO (official Telegram source code)
– Parts of Catogram and Nekogram / NekogramX
– Parts of ForkGram
– Description and characteristics taken from Nekogram’s Google Play tab, except for those unrelated to Nekogram that have been entered in the corresponding category

★ Mod Lite-
◉ Based on Default Mod;
◉ Resources Cleaned;
◉ Language- English Only;
◉ Mod Lite-30 MB;
◉ Compression Flags Untouched;
★ Modded By RBMods.

What’s New:
Remove unused files
Update android gradle plugin
Update sdk to 32
Target sdk 32
Restrict copy in message details
Add support for qr login
Always show profile activity for member request
Nuke google pay
Fix some things of Android 12
Update to Telegram API 8.4.2
Add ONEGram icon to session list
Some fixes and improvements
Accessibility improvements
Allow disable double tap reaction

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