Samsung Health has steadily been getting better over the years, with new features consistently being added and increasing diversity in the fitness data it can track. The app is getting even better in the latest update that’s rolling out in the One UI 4 beta, which adds more gender options and statistics to your profile.

The One UI 4 version of Samsung Health got a fresh coat of paint with a new tabbed design that removed the old hamburger menu. SamMobile has noticed that the redesign goes one step further in the “my page” tab.

Left: Old profile page, Right: New “my page”

The old profile was pretty sparse in the information it displayed without scrolling or digging through the sub-menus, so having quick access to your personal bests and other stats is a big improvement. Another change is the addition of more gender options when you’re setting up your profile. You can now choose between female, male, other, or prefer not to say.

If you have a Galaxy S21 running the One UI 4 beta, you can see the updated version of Samsung Health now. Hopefully, it’ll roll out through the Play or Galaxy Store soon so that it reaches more people.