Stadia Pro subscribers get access to a couple of free games every month, but they’re usually not all that notable — Google sticks with smaller, cheaper titles if it’s giving stuff away. But next month’s additions include a critical darling from a couple of years ago: Remedy Entertainment’s Control. This thoughtful action game cleaned up at the award circuit for its impressive storytelling mixed with competent shooting and metaphysical powers.

Control follows protagonist Jesse Faden as she infiltrates the Federal Bureau of Control, a faceless government agency that will seem eerily familiar to anyone who’s spent late nights browsing the SCP Foundation wiki. She’s looking for her missing brother, but through one of those oddly prescient narrative mishaps, she ends up running Control and is now responsible for all of the X-Files-style weird stuff it’s tasked to protect and contain. Jesse can handle herself in a fight, and as the game progresses she gets a new set of skills and powers to even the ever-increasing odds.

In addition to Control Ultimate EditionStadia Pro subscribers get stylish 2D side-scroller Unto the End and vehicle crafting game Hello Engineer for their monthly ten-dollar subscription. Considering that Control alone is $40 on Stadia and Steam, it might be worth re-activating Stadia Pro just to add it to your library (though you temporarily lose access to claimed Pro titles once you stop paying). Control was also given away on Epic’s PC game store back in June.