Nest got its start bringing smart thermostats to the masses, and last year’s model went back to basics for its cheapest device yet. As long as you’re okay with the switch to plastic and the lack of a rotating ring, Nest’s newest gadget is a great way to upgrade to sync your house’s temperature with Google Home. Its usual price is already a bargain, but several retailers have it marked down to just $99 today, a deal that you’ll want to grab before it’s too late.

If you don’t remember, Nest’s entry-level thermostat makes a few changes from its more high-end devices to lower the price. If you can deal with the plastic body and a mirrored finish overlaying the display, there’s a lot to love about this gadget — especially if it’s your first dive into the world of smart heating and cooling. Just don’t expect fancy add-ons like extra temperature sensors and multistage heaters. For that kind of premium experience, you’ll have to jump up to a much higher price point.

Google’s storefront says the sale runs through April 22nd, though there’s no telling how long these will stay in stock. You can pick one up through any of the retailers listed below.