Google is relentless in putting all but its most successful ventures out to pasture — it’s one of our least favorite things about the company. Only a week has passed since the imminent removal of its Wifi app was scheduled for June, and already, Google is back for more. This time, the search giant has set its sights on its Shopping app, with some specific language that suggests death might be just around the corner.

News of an impending shutdown comes from new code found in the app’s latest version by XDA Developers. Several new strings redirect users to “Shop on the web” once the sunsetting period has begun. As of today, Google’s dedicated mobile shopping experience is still working fine. After that switch is flipped, though, there’s no telling how long it will have left for this world.

Though the app might be going away, it’s not all bad news for Google Shopping. This leaked code clarifies that shoppers can still head to the mobile site to find their next impulse buy. Considering it only managed to rack up one million installs on the Play Store through its lifespan — a far cry from most of Google’s usual download benchmarks — it might be time to focus on improving the mobile site rather than continuing to maintain dedicated software.

If you want to use the Google Shopping app between now and its eventual shutdown date, you can find it over at the Play Store or download the latest version from APK Mirror.