Enpass has been a popular password manager for years, best known for syncing passwords across devices without storing them in a central server. The service added a subscription option last year to fund continued development, and now the first Premium-exclusive functionality has arrived, much to the chagrin of folks who paid for the Pro app in the past.

Services for data breach monitoring (like Have I Been Pwned) are nothing new, and most password managers have been integrating the feature over the past few years. Chrome began warning people earlier this year if their saved passwords were found in a security breach, for example. Enpass now has a similar feature, but the data breach database is downloaded to your device(s), where passwords can be checked locally without sending any data. Enpass says it uses “a combination of haveibeenpwned, other authoritative sources, as well as manual addition to keep the records updated.”

Breach monitoring arrived on the iOS application on December 14th, alongside a feature that identified which of your saved accounts support 2FA, but it’s only now rolling out to Android and desktop platforms. Both features are only available for people subscribed to Enpass Premium, currently 50% off during the company’s holiday sales ($1/mo or $3/mo for the family plan).

The decision to only bring the two new features to Premium subscribers has annoyed many people who previously paid the one-time Pro fee of $12 (per-platform). One thread on the company’s forums already has over 50 replies from unhappy customers. However, it is worth noting that Enpass never promised that all features would come to both Pro and Premium users — the company’s announcement from last year only said Pro users would “receive future app updates and new Pro features that we’ll release over time.”

Although limiting some new features to monthly subscribers might be annoying, it’s just the latest case of developers having to move away from single-purchase payments, which rarely provides enough of a reliable income to maintain large applications and services. Enpass still offers a lifetime license for Premium, but it’s much more expensive than the old single-purchase Pro app ($79.99 vs. $12)

Enpass Password Manager
Enpass Password Manager
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