Pricing for Google’s upcoming Android TV dongle may have leaked courtesy of Home Depot. Spotted by 9to5Google, the new device could run around $50 when it lands, and come in three colors: Rock Candy, Como Blue, and Summer Melon.

Images from Home Depot’s internal systems, via 9to5Google

While the $50 values currently in Home Depot’s inventory system could be placeholders, they make a lot of sense. Google would be foolish to charge more than competitors like Roku or Amazon do for the Streaming Stick or Amazon Fire TV. $50 brings it to about parity with the market’s other offerings, and less than the Chromecast Ultra — for those in the Google ecosystem, that can make a $50 price look down-right competitive.

We don’t know precisely which shades these three leaked colors could be; while “Como Blue” is clear enough, Summer Melon and Rock Candy could be similar to shades offered in Nest speakers, or something else.

A release date still isn’t known, though details regarding the dongle have been leaking, and it did just cruise past the FCC. I expect we’ll hear more whenever Google takes the wraps off the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G — probably at the anticipated yearly Made by Google event, which usually happens in October.